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Why Manras ERP ?

Quick Fix For All 

Whether your company is small or large – 2 or 2 lakh employees, Manras ERP has a comprehensive portfolio of leading ERP solutions to fulfill all your requirements. We are here 24/7 at your disposal to provide support as and when required.



Fast and Affordable

Tap in Manras ERP world-class cloud infrastructure to get up and running quickly at any time at low monthly and yearly costs.




Protecting your data, warding off hackers, and staying ahead of threats imposed on your business and its data is our primary concern. We have the most advanced infrastructure and expert team to take care of this concern.

Flexibility and Adaptability

We understand that the nature of every company is different. And that’s why we create easy-to-use and adaptable ERP applications. Whether you want customized ERP, use the public or private cloud, or pay only for whatever you require, we provide flexibility as our core offering.

Helpdesk for maximum efficiency

Service requests are managed transparently. A trouble ticket system has many functions- recording error reports, informing the sales department, and allowing customers to keep track of their error reports online. You can fully take control of your costs with the help of automatic recording of the processing time and the resources used. Creating analyses for departments or individual customers is just one click away. This helps you keep informed of the customer’s service entitlements.

Efficient Project Controlling

Timely completing tasks is the key to the efficient management of the project. Manras has a smart time recording feature for both customers and projects that can record hourly rates, estimate-to- complete figures, the budget and the time remaining, and material and external factor costs.


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