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The retail industry has an ever-changing landscape. It faces a lot of challenges due to the growing number of customers and their demands, varied list of locations, seasonal plans, etc. For meeting the ever-increasing requirements of the customers, fluid and adaptable retail solutions are needed to keep ahead of those demands. But the Internet and digital technology have transformed the way the retail functions. Thus, the retail industry has become highly competitive in terms of technology. While online retail is a powerful stand-alone platform, the more significant role has been played by the digital transformation of the already existing retail sector.

Manras’ deep understanding of the retail sector challenges, technology, and growth patterns has enabled it to provide practical scalable solutions to its customers.

What Our Solution Provides?

Interactive Books

Smart TV apps, solutions

Cross-media marketing solutions

Web and Mobile applications

Streaming video and audio

Online publishing platforms

Content Management

Know what is best for you.

Manras Retail CRM-A Comprehensive Software Solution

Connect all the dots to successful retailing by leveraging Manras’ single and intelligent CRM platform.

Intelligent Advertising

Drive all your social advertising, display, and search through a single integrated platform.

Reach new customers and drive humongous campaigns across social sites, mobile publishers, and ad ecosystems using the Advertising Studio from Marketing Cloud. Reach a higher number of shoppers with the right offers at the right time by analyzing and visualizing the ad performance in just a few clicks.

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One-to-one journeys

Actualize smarter path-to-purchase using Marketing Cloud

Make personalized and scalable journeys with every shopper by delivering the right offer at the right time using the right channel- email, mobile, social media, web, etc.

Undivided Commerce

Turn shoppers into buyers faster. Use Commerce Cloud.

Give shoppers a seamless shopping experience across the web, social, mobile, and stores. Reinvent the store by enabling omnichannel order management capabilities that help the shoppers buy anywhere, and the sellers sell and fulfill the demands anywhere.

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Multi-Channel Conversations

Drive real conversations and deliver faster and smarter using Service Cloud.

Drive conversations through multiple channels selected at the ease of the customers. Personalize every interaction and empower the agents to respond with complete information that the shopper needs to turn him/ her into a lifetime customer.

Strategize to connect with your customers like never before.


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