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What is Immigrat-O

Taking care of all the responsibilities of the immigration process, Manras’ Immigrat-O is a software designed to manage the client details and their visa updates. This cloud-based managing tool allows you to clear all your doubts about your decision to immigrate, making your entire experience seamless by solving all your problems with its aid. From managing your documentation procedures to client follow-ups to tracking clients’ financial stages, Immigrat-O offers you a single platform to manage your multi-tasking. Its interactive user interface with web portals puts new life into your immigration services. Immigrat-O brings the consultants, advisors, or agents and their immigration clients together.

Application Management

Need for Immigrat-O

Salient Features

Easy Client Tracking

Get an overview of your client’s progress report using Immigrat-O. Monitor their documents, visa procedures, and provide them comprehensive guidance as per their visa requirement, so that you don’t end up losing any client/lead.

Automated Client Proceedings

Automatic scheduling and planning of following-up leads helps to ease your work and not create additional work, thus increasing your business conversion ratio by generating higher revenues.

No one-time payment required

Our company has multiple alternatives for convenient payment gateways so that you don’t have to encounter hefty one-time fees to use our product.

No Installation- No Maintenance Cost

Since Immigrat-O runs on web portals, no installation is needed, and therefore, no maintenance cost required.

Flexible Modules- for Manras’ team collaborations

Immigrat-O allows flexibility in the working of associates, so that team management and team spirit are ensured.

Customizable CRM

You can edit, add or remove packages as per your requirements. Our immigration software is highly customizable.

Our Services

Lead Management

Manage your lead’s information and status aptly. Safely and securely add leads, quickly follow-up leads, serialize leads’ workflow, document, and feature all details to follow the leads convincingly.

Document Management

Easily handle documents for visa proceedings. Track document proceedings and maintain records - whether approved or rejected in any case.

Leads’ Transfer

Seamlessly share or transfer your leads among the associates. We ensure that the consistency remains in managing leads without missing any details in case of transfer.

Application Management

All the applications can be managed smoothly with easy application management. The regular follow-ups and documents checklist ensures the integrity of the applications so that the chances of visa approval increase.

Email or SMS alerts

Easily keep track of the upcoming payments, pending fees, or documents with the help of the automatically generated email or SMS notifications.

Safe and secure data transition

Immigrat-O is a cloud-based CRM technology. This cloud acts as a secondary memory in case of any hardware malpractices. So, no data gets lost on Immigrat-O. It does not delete anything. You can recover any data at any point in time from it.

Quick Analysis of Sales and Marketing

We provide an in-depth analysis of sales and marketing, which offers insightful stats for future scope and improvements.


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