How Does Custom-Built CRM System Help Your Manufacturing Business to Grow Faster?

How Does Custom-Built CRM System Help Your Manufacturing Business to Grow Faster

How Does Custom-Built CRM System Help Your Manufacturing Business to Grow Faster?

CRM for the manufacturing industry enables businesses to modernize their operations, integrating production, sales, and planning across the ecosystem to gain full visibility of operations. When it comes to CRM software for the manufacturing industry, there are quite a number of options in the market. But not all CRM solutions are specifically built for the industry and business context.  

Using off-the-shelf CRM for the manufacturing industry does not help. They are rigid, eroding the responsiveness of manufacturers to the fast-paced changes in the business and market conditions. Choosing a customizable CRM solution such as Salesforce is the best way to help your manufacturing business grow faster.  

Don’t believe us? Here are the undeniable ways in which Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud, an industry-specific solution from Salesforce for manufacturing, helps your business.  

Create a Single Source of Truth 

A purpose-built CRM for the manufacturing industry enables businesses to connect their internal teams, external entities on one cohesive platform. Solutions like Salesforce allow easy integration with diverse business apps. So, there is one cohesive source of truth. This helps promote greater collaboration, eliminate inefficiencies, and maximize transparency in processes.  

For instance, unlike packaged solutions, you can connect your dealer network with a customized CRM. In doing so, you enable them to enter order requests directly, instead of going through an extra layer of the internal sales team. So, you can eliminate unnecessary additional steps and minimize the chance of human error. 

Faster Time to Value  

Off-the-shelf CRM is typically complicated to implement. Even minor customizations require lots of coding and time to implement. Given the complexity in implementation and the steep learning curve, adoption is often slow and the ROI slower.  

Custom-built CRM software for the manufacturing industry from Salesforce enables you to create a highly tailored solution that fits the needs of your end-users, thus, accelerating the time to value.  

Promote Innovation  

Using the Salesforce platform, you can build user-friendly apps that solve your unique business challenges. You can automate repetitive workflows to free employees from busy work, enabling them to focus on core business activities. Many forward-thinking companies are already leveraging custom-built CRM to promote innovation in their organization.  

Faster, Informed Decision-Making and Forecasts 

By integrating Salesforce Einstein analytics with your purpose-built CRM for manufacturing, you can empower your teams with AI-powered, real-time insights and guidance to better perform their day-to-day activities. With insights on opportunities, account health, pricing performance, recommendations, etc., they can make quick and powerful decisions to drive business results. You can easily navigate market volatility by making educated predictions on demand, volumes, etc.  

Transparent Contract Management  

By integrating the Contract Management feature of Salesforce into your CRM solution, you can infuse greater visibility and transparency in the management of contracts and sales agreements. The result – you eliminate version-control chaos, control legal liability and minimize errors and risks.  

The Way Forward  

Accelerate your business growth with purpose-built CRM for the manufacturing industry. Start building today with Manras, a Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner

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