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Engagement Models

Manras' Engagement Models

Manras aims at developing long-term strategic relationships with its clients. Keeping this in mind, it provides its clients the complete flexibility as per their business requirements. In our projects, the Fixed Price Model and Time & Material Model are most commonly used. In case you have no preference for any particular model type, we will recommend one after a careful inspection of the project requirements like the nature of the project, amount, and type of tasks to be accomplished.

This model is ideal for projects with well defined requirements and schedules. After understanding the clearly specified needs, Manras estimates the project complexity and scope and provides a delivery schedule along with the pricing for the full project development. Manras’ Fixed Price Model puts the client at an advantage by determining the total project budget in advance. However, in comparison with the Time & Material Model, FPM is less flexible in managing changes and additional feature requests. Any changes during the project implementation require a re-negotiation of the project pricing and delivery schedule.

This model is suitable when the project scope, specification, and implementation cannot be precisely defined, and the requirements vary during the implementation phase. The price is determined based on the amount of time and resources expended during the completion of the project. Thus, every month the amount is billed based on the pre-negotiated and mutually agreed hourly rate. Manras offers you the flexibility of switching to the Fixed Price Model in case the T & M Model determines the exact scope, and the project allows the scope to be frozen.

This model is the right fit for web development, especially the overseas web development companies. In this model, we provide all the resources to work dedicatedly on your project or be the part of your development team or even help you establish your offshore development center. We report to you daily while zealously working on your project in our office.