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What We Have In Store For:

The Counselling Team

Manage Applicants: Track the status of the applicants, automate conversations with them, and conduct walk-in interviews just within a few clicks.
Spot Hot Prospects: Analyse each and every action of the prospects on the emails, calls, and website to distinguish and focus better on the most interested students.

The Communications Team

Communicate Effectively: Communicate timely and mannerly through various communication channels like chatbots, live chat, emails, SMS, Whatsapp chat, etc.
Address queries promptly: Schedule calls on time using the in-built follow-up calendar to resolve all the doubts quickly.
Analyze Calls: Use call recording to better understand your prospects’ motives.

The Marketing Team

Monitor Daily Schedule: The mobile app featuring location analytics helps the team keep track of the meeting schedule, its duration, and activities
Analyze ROI: The custom-built dashboards and real-time mobile analytics help to measure the ROI.
Encourage Leads: Foster leads through marketing campaigns using email, Whatsapp & SMS.

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The Publishing Panel

Reduce Response Time: Accelerate conversions by promptly responding via chatbots, live chats, and drip campaigns
Comprehend Admission Analytics: Understand team performance, the reason for non-conversion of leads, and take course corrective measures.

Institute Owners

Salesforce Development Services
Take Effective Data-Driven Decisions: Get a real-time view of admits, marketing expenditures, and team performance using dashboards for excellent decision- making.

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