Customer 360 Transformation: The Importance of Changing Mindsets in Your Organization

Customer 360 Transformation: The Importance of Changing Mindsets in Your Organization

As we usher in industry 4.0 with its dynamism and complexity, the leadership of many businesses is leveraging technology to stay ahead of competition. However, the big question is – Is that enough? Are they future-ready? Not if they are applying the technology to a business that is built on product-centricity, old-fashioned thinking and fixed […]

10 Ways Salesforce AppExchange Apps Benefit Your Business

10 Ways Salesforce AppExchange Apps Benefit Your Business

Salesforce CRM is one of the world’s most preferred CRM platforms. It offers flexibility and higher productivity to its users thanks to a host of features available through the AppExchange apps. With AppExchange, Salesforce users get access to the largest CRM app marketplace in the world. Currently, it is being utilised by approximately 85% Fortune […]

5 ways CRM Adoption can Convert Your Leads into Business Opportunities

5 ways CRM adoption can convert your leads into business opportunities

Many organizations adopt CRM software to manage their customer relationships and boost the overall business. A good CRM software such as Salesforce works across the organization and connects its different processes with customer data. This helps them in understanding the current and prospective customers better and providing them with a positive customer experience. CRM improves […]

Why Now Is The Time For Healthcare To Move To The Salesforce Cloud?

The healthcare industry is undergoing a digital transformation as many organizations are adopting digital models such as Electronic Health Records (EHR), online lab portals, etc. Healthcare companies need these digital tools to connect with their patients and other partners such as care workers or insurers. However, to put the digital models to best use, organizations […]

CPQ: A Major Breakthrough in Sales Cloud

Why there is a need of CPQ?

Gone are the days when a Sales rep used to spend more than 60% of their time generating quotes, writing proposals, and waiting for the approvals to be done instead of closing deals.  Ask your reps:  How many times did they sent inaccurate pricing in their Quotes to prospects?   How much was it painstaking to […]

How Salesforce Can Support Banks In Growing Their Customers?

How does Salesforce help businesses transform?

In a digital economy, traditional banking models are moving towards operating as an ecosystem instead of just running a bank. Earlier, a bank would operate in silos through physical stores being the face of the business. However, the digital-driven world has multiple customer touch points being catered by fintech competitors. Therefore, banks need to serve […]

Five ideas to help solve the top challenges of your transport and logistics business

Five ideas to help solve the top challenges of your transport and logistics business

The transport and logistics industry is replete with complexities. Multiple supply chains, high operational costs, and the pressure of aligning with the complex business processes of its clients, the industry has its hands full. In order to successfully manage the various challenges face by them, the transport and logistics companies are utilising digital technology and […]

Leveraging Data and Relationships with Commercial Real Estate CRM

Commercial Real Estate CRM

Thriving customer relationships are at the heart of a highly competitive landscape like the real estate industry. With leads coming in from all corners, the real estate agents need to be very vigilant and methodical in following up each of those leads. After all, their customers are clients who are interested in making a profitable […]

Real Estate CRM: Turning Dreams into Reality

Real Estate CRM

The real estate industry helps millions of people turn their dreams into reality by providing them with the perfect abode. Real estate agencies work alongside buyers and sellers to do so. It is a competitive industry where they need to stay ahead of market trends, generate leads, track campaigns, and manage customer relationships simultaneously. A […]

Top 5 Reasons Why Salesforce Community Cloud Is Must For Business

Salesforce Community Cloud

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM tools in the world. It offers a variety of features to businesses so they can cater to various parts of their operations in a cohesive manner. One of the tools is the Salesforce Community Cloud. It is an online platform that creates branded web portals for a responsive customer, employee, and partner engagement.   In essence, the Salesforce Community Cloud lets an organization manage its customer and partner relationships. The platform comes […]