Put Employees First With An All-In-One Platform

Put Employees First With An All-In-One Platform

Employee experience drives business outcomes and customer experiences. Companies that are dedicated towards driving great employee experiences see 1.8X higher growth than those that do not. With Work.com, a digital Employee Experience management platform from Salesforce, crafting authentic and seamless experiences is simple and hassle-free, no matter where the employees are. Whether you are working remotely or reopening your offices, this all-in-one platform from Salesforce will benefit you immensely in putting your employees first. Let us understand how.   […]

Outstanding Ways to Use Salesforce to Boost Customer Retention

Salesforce benefits

A loyal customer is an important asset to the business. Loyal customers are 7 times more likely to try new offerings and 5 times more likely to repurchase. They are 4 times more likely to recommend the brand and 5 times more likely to forgive the brand for mistakes. A 5% increase in customer retention has the potential to pump up profits by 25-95%! Further, […]

Simplify The Business Of Real Estate By Enabling Automation For Better Lead Capturing And Conversion

CRM real estate software from Salesforce is empowering real estate builders to address critical pain points and provide incomparable experiences to home buyers. These solutions are enabling intelligent automation which, in turn, is accelerating lead capturing and conversion.   How is Automation impacting the sales cycles for real estate builders?   Sales and marketing automation powered by real estate CRM […]

5 Smart Ways to Increase Email Marketing ROI with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The effectiveness of email marketing is questioned year on year, yet the channel only seems to be growing stronger. At present, the ROI from email marketing is 4200% (42 USD returns for every 1 USD spent). To generate such high ROI and expand it further, Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) is necessary. While the services of an experienced Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant like Manras are beneficial, there are some tips and […]

Salesforce Best Practice In The Transportation And Logistics Industry

Salesforce CRM for logistics

In the era of digital transformation, earning brand loyalty and trust is highly challenging across industries. The transportation and logistics industry is no exception. Customers are used to the superlative experiences that e-commerce giants like Amazon offer and expect nothing less from others, regardless of whether it is B2B purchases, travel, hospitality, shipping or any other sub-domain in this diverse industry.   By enabling hassle-free customer engagement, visible processes, […]

Pardot Integration with Salesforce CRM for Streamlining Sales

Pardot integration with Salesforce CRM

Pardot integration with Salesforce CRM is an automation platform that brings together the synergies between the efforts of the sales and marketing teams. The data collected by the marketing teams can be pushed through the SalesForce CRM and used by the sales team, and vice-versa.  The problems faced by the two critical aspects of the business can now be […]

Sales Cloud vs. Service Cloud – Choose Your Salesforce Tool

Sales Cloud and Service Cloud are popular CRM solutions that the Salesforce cloud platform offers to businesses for automating their sales and customer service processes. If you are looking for guidance to understand their benefits before you deploy them, you have come to the right place. Here is a detailed comparison to assist you further.   Sales Cloud  Sales Cloud enables sales reps and managers to streamline their workflow and sell more, faster and smarter.  Benefits […]

Benefits of CRM for Education Industry

Benefits of CRM for Education Industry

The education industry is a fast-growing and highly competitive space where establishing a brand image and recall value are indispensable for success. Not just that, higher Education Institutions have multiple constituents (from students, staff and alumni to donors and affiliates) and highly intertwined networks. Resolving the unique challenges faced by higher education institutions will drive […]

Service Cloud Workforce Engagement – Right Agents, Right Skills, at the Right Time

Service Cloud Workforce Engagement – Right Agents, Right Skills, at the Right Time

Service Cloud workforce engagement is the new product of Salesforce which will help organizations to deliver exceptional customer service using Salesforce Service Cloud. It implements the power of artificial intelligence to predict customer service demands with the help of future proof technology & it will assign the customer request accurately to the right agent at the right time who is having the right skill for that, this workforce […]

How Salesforce CRM Revolutionised The Fintech Industry

How Salesforce CRM Revolutionised The Fintech Industry

The Salesforce CRM system software allows organizations to store customer data, including names, phone numbers, emails, etc., and keep track of activity. Sales Cloud, a drag and drop product offered by Salesforce CRM, incorporates all the customer information in one platform. Made specifically for sales reps, these systems optimize CRM in banking sectors in a […]