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About the Client

Our Client is a US SaaS-based product, specializing in the management of recurring billing and subscription management. They believe that billing criticalities should never hinder the progress of work and the ability to launch new products, thereby they move towards the goal of eliminating the recurring billing bottleneck. It makes sure that their exquisite subscription management enables faster time to generate revenue, provide superior service and retain customers longer. The seven plus year old product is used by thousands of ISVs all across the globe to manage their subscriptions online.The majority of our client’s customer were already using Salesforce for managing their business, hence our client needed a way to allow their customers to connect their Salesforce instance with the main billing platform.

How we did it ?

Salesforce Integration
App on AppExchange
Real Time Updates
Data sync Tracking


27% increase in data sync efficiency

Automated sync helped end-clients save at least 27% time in syncing data on both platforms.

30% reduction in manual efforts

Salesforce integration aided in easy syncing of data via simplifying the process of creating manageable fields.

Top Salesforce Lightning Service

AppExchange visibility increased revenue by 30%

Listing the app on AppExchange enhanced the visibility and ensured security thereby increasing the revenue

25% increased efficiency due to quick error detection

Easy detection of the error via timely notification saved a lot of precious time

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