Salesforce Marketing Cloud: 5 Powerful Email Marketing Tips to Drive Extraordinary Value

Salesforce Marketing Cloud: 5 Powerful Email Marketing Tips to Drive Extraordinary Value

Salesforce Marketing Cloud: 5 Powerful Email Marketing Tips to Drive Extraordinary Value

In the era of information/ content overload, there is ever-increasing clutter and noise in the digital world, creating unique challenges for brands. Brands are constantly toeing the fine line between stimulating the customer and being an annoyance to them. Additionally, the declining attention span means that brands need to attract and retain customer attention within 8 seconds, breaking through all the clutter. Brand survival depends on how well businesses can amplify their unique voice.  

How do brands, especially those of small and medium businesses, navigate this complex landscape? How do they create a unique and strong brand voice and stand out of the pack? With the right tools like Salesforce Marketing Cloud, choosing the right platforms for the right target audience and robust digital marketing strategies, businesses, regardless of size or nature, can create successful online brand engagement and drive unparalleled ROI from marketing.  

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?
The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a robust and effective CRM platform for marketers to successfully create micro-moments for customers by crafting, delivering and managing compelling, relevant and empathetic digital campaigns. This platform offers end-to-end, integrated solutions – from customer journey management, web personalization, data analysis and predictive intelligence to content creation and management, comprehensive tracking, reporting and event-driven triggers.

The Features that Sets Salesforce Marketing Cloud Apart  

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers a range of marketing automation, analytics and integration marketing software/ tools such as Interaction Studio, Journey Builder, Email Studio, Social Studio and Audience Builder, among others. These intelligent tools empower businesses to craft seamless and cohesive customer experiences across different touchpoints be it – email, social media, blog, website, app, mobile, advertising and so on.  
  • It allows businesses to integrate the Marketing Cloud with the Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds to ensure effective coordination and collaboration across functions and eliminate broken customer experiences.  
  • With the help of Data Studio, Datorama and Google Analytics (integrated on the platform), businesses can view and analyze all marketing and sales data and make smarter, data-enabled decisions speedily. It also equips the businesses with the tools to effortlessly measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts across digital channels.  
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud empowers businesses to know the customer better by unifying data from disparate sources and thereby, have a unified view of the customer across platforms, functions and devices.  
  • It enables two-way, real-time engagement with the customers, regardless of whether they are B2B or B2C customers.  
  • It empowers businesses with the power of AI-ML to personalize and customize every interaction with the customer and be dynamic and agile at scale.  

5 Powerful Email Marketing Tips

#1 Customer Segmentation and Personalization Using Intelligence
Segmenting customers into more targeted groups is a critical email marketing best practice. This is an important step for tailoring campaigns and user experiences effectively, as well as, for analytics and post-campaign reflection. Data suggests that marketers who leveraged customer segmentation in email campaigns saw a 760% increase in their revenues.

74% of the marketers have asserted that targeted personalization immensely improved their customer engagement levels. Data further suggests personalized emails get 6x higher transaction rates and that 22% of emails with personalized subject lines are opened. This only goes to underscore the importance of personalization and customization in email marketing. Generic emails simply do not make the cut in today’s day and age. Craft compelling, relevant and high-quality content in every email based on customer attributes, preferences and persona. Incorporate at least one personalized component in every email.

But, how do marketers achieve personalization when there is a growing customer base?

By using intelligence and automation made possible by tools such as Email Studio from Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This powerful tool enables businesses to configure and adapt personalization even when they are growing fast or dynamically changing the course of business.

#2 Pre-Approved List of Users
Create pre-approved lists of users that are organized by customer type. Store and share such pre-approved assets and create custom approval rules to empower teams crafting the email campaigns and to make the process quick, agile and hassle-free.

#3 Mobile-first mindset
49% of all emails received by customers are opened on mobile devices according to data. If your email does not open on mobile devices or is not mobile optimized, there is a high chance that the customer will delete the email or even unsubscribe. So, it is critical that you adopt a mobile-first mindset while creating email campaigns. Create custom, mobile-responsive templates that look as great on mobile devices as PCs. Create content that is to-the-point, concise and relevant and keep the CTA (Call to Action) at the front and center of the email. Subject lines should not be more than 6-10 words. Pre-header text, an often-ignored component of emails, must be included to make the email compelling.

#4 Test, Monitor, Configure and Update Continuously
Before sending out any email campaign, you must test to understand what is effective and what not. However, your work doesn’t end after you have sent out an email. Tracking and monitoring how your campaign is working is essential. With the help of the incoming data on opens, bounces, CTR, lead generation and other KPIs, you must configure and update the campaign. Leverage these insights to craft more effective emails in the future.

#5 Robust preference center
To ensure that your subscribers do not unsubscribe and continue to open your emails, give them numerous options on when, how many and what kind of emails they receive. Based on their preferences, keep updating the preference center to ensure that you are not overcommunicating and losing subscribers.

There are multiple channels where businesses can listen to and engage with customers – email, social media, web, mobile, search, etc. Out of these, there is a marketing channel where every 1 USD you invest yields an average ROI of USD 35-44 – email. The 3500-4400% ROI makes email marketing the most sound and effective marketing channel investment.

This every advantage makes it one of the most cluttered channels with customers receiving hundreds of promotional/ brand emails on a weekly/ daily basis and several of these go straight into the Junk Folder without being opened. In fact, 54% of all emails received by a customer are marked as Spam and do not even reach the Inbox!

You can ensure that you reap the maximum benefits from email marketing by using our 5 powerful email marketing tips.

If you are still unsure on how to craft effective emails/ how go about intelligent automation of your email campaigns/ how better to leverage Salesforce Marketing Cloud, leverage the services of Salesforce Gold Consulting Partners like Manras. At Manras Technologies, we are a one-stop-shop for a wide range of marketing services and have a dedicated team of experts who work tirelessly to help you craft the most.

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